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Performance upgrade which are cost effective

Any tips and views are appreciated and will be posted foe everyone to view.




 The most simple and cost effective power gain is to let your car breathe better..

This translates to: more air in, more air out = more power

So in-turn a better high flow air filter and or cold air box will let alot more air in and filter more impurities than a standard one will..

Which now leads us to the exhaust: a larger diameter pipe with less bends and lighter weight helps to get the gasses out faster so more air can get in.

These upgrades will give more power, better sound and a better fuel economy ( if thats your thing?)

Computers / Chips

Computer upgrades or chip upgrades are very useful for extracting more power out of your vehicle.. This is because car manufacturers de-tune their cars for the standard public driver!! NO GOOD FOR US!!

So with an upgrade will come more power, better tuning and be altered for future upgrades or to your specs..


with a new/custom cam, you can allow for more fuel/air into your motor and/or contol revving and idle..

A good set of cam gears are a good combination.

Engine management systems

worth their weight in gold..

A good exhaust will do wonders

Switching from an exhaust manifold to extractors will optimize the exhaust gas flow speed and in turn increase the high-end power of the engine. This is done by using an individual pipe for each exhaust port that has smoother bends with a larger turn radius, decreasing airflow resistance, as well as a calculated pipe diameter to obtain a good scavenging effect for the specific engine capacity. The pipes then merge into a collector and then flow into a larger pipe (down pipe), just before the catalytic converter. With equal length headers, as each exhaust valve in the head of the engine is opened and exhaust gas is forced out, it passes down one of the header pipes and through to the down pipe, where the exhaust gas velocity causes a slight vacuum in another header pipe. This has an effect of scavenging exhaust gas from the cylinder, which is beneficial for performance. In performance engines, which have cam overlap, the scavenging effect will pull air through from the intake manifold as well, further increasing performance. The length of exhaust headers can be tuned to perform best at specific RPM ranges. Stock exhaust manifolds are usually made of cast iron and can be restrictive. Headers may or may not increase the dB level of the exhaust, depending on the original exhaust manifold it replaces and the engine. However, the pipes do "ring" with the exhaust pulses and increase underhood noise. Headers can be ceramic coated to reduce the heat radiated in the engine compartment, and to increase the temperature of the pipes which increases the velocity of the exhaust gases.