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Got to make your ride look like yours- as in stand out in a crowd and performance and handling to match..

Just a few tips and makers to decide upon...


A nice set of mags will set your car apart but also may allow you to have wider tyres for more traction, less tyre profile for decreased tyre roll and may be lighter than standard..

A good set of wheels can really set your car off..

Stick to a good quality brand like these ROH's


This is what sticks you to the road..
Good quality tyres should never be skinted on unless your tyres seem to move faster than the car!!
Directional tyres with a silica compound are great for grip but do suffer treadwear faster.. 


Not only for looks, they can help in getting fresh air into intakes and intercoolers, ais in aerodynamics and some can help structural rigidity.


Without spending too much, a set of low or super low springs with shortened shocks if required will dramatically change the handling of your vehicle and make it look a hell of alot better.

Upgrades could be coil overs, adjustable suspension, nolathane bushes, camber kits etc..
Your money is your limit.

quality springs